My boy David at age eight declared that: “Daddy wherever there’s a hole in a stone, is the perfect place for an eye!” I went to a craft shop and bought eyes that had sewing loops at the back and threaded cord through them and gave the Scoubidou’s a completely different character. I believe a Scoubidou key fob is one of the most perfect gifts a child can give a grown up. We use our keys every day and never give any thought to their care and the look and feel of them. A colourful combination and a choice of attachments make every single Scoubidou utterly unique. Owning one that is looking after your keys will make subconscious and conscious associations to the owner every day. Further more I believe they are so attractive and special that I learnt to make them myself. The options are practically limitless. I am full of ideas for them and hope to start my own little Scoubidou fan club. For 15 years now I have been telling my children that I will get us a house on the proceeds of Scoubidou! They earned every cent of their pocket money by making Scoubidous for me. We now have more about 5000 and it’s high time to put them out there. I dearly hope enough of you will feel the need to own one or more and buy them as presents for family and friends. I would like to take feedback of every kind but especially positive feedback,

Under the heading Scoubidou I hope you will discover plenty of must haves for yourselves. I am very willing to take orders. It is still only my daughter Anneke that can take Scoubidou to an extra level, with her “Specials” Specials are a joint effort, I select the Stone the eyes the colours of the cords and I thread the cords through the hokes in the stones and Anneke weaves them. It’s a little magical the results! I would like to take on commissions on both our behalves, again the stones themselves suggest either bird, reptile, dinosaur, or fish. I have occasionally felt there’s a Rhinoceros or other creature including human faces. I obviously have to be more diligent in my search for appropriate eyes. That’s enough blurb for now please have a look for yourselves.

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