Scoubidou with Hagstone & Eyes

House of Scoubidou Products. Hag stone Scoubidous with eyes, all of these Scoubidous are two colours mainly any two of the following:            Beige,   yellow,  grey,  green,  blue,  navy,  orange,  purple,  pistachio,  red,  pink,   turquoise,  white,  black.

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All of my Hag Stone Scoubidous can only be acquired by Donation Sponsorship or Crowd funding. Due to their special properties they are not allowed to be sold. Once they are yours you are entirely free to keep them or gift them to someone all the luck stays.

For Club sponsorship the Specials are a gift to the club and the sponsorship of the costs and the deal is for a minimum of 100 Scoubidous that can have a custom made key fob with thin flat round or square Scoubidous on a custom made key fob with the clubs logo and maybe that of the City or town the club is in. 500 clubs or Hotels or organizations of any kind willing to pay a £1000 will all get a marvelous array of Scoubidous to donate or sell to members friends and family. Hotels might consider a rather unique Key fob for the Hotel rooms. The USP of one of our Scoubidou deals is that each one is totally unique and hand made. No two can ever be identical even if they look it. Adding a Hag stone button bead or other fob as an attachment only adds to that uniqueness. Who doesn’t want something that no one else has?

Our sites Scoubidous have a long and interesting story which I hope to share with you over time.

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Hag Stone Scoubidous with eye or eyes



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